Natural Pest Controls for your Garden
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Natural Pest Controls for your Garden

Everyone who knows me knows I am a plant lover and tree hugger.   I am also a gardener and up until recently kept at least a 15' x9' plot  to garden many varieties of veggies.  enough to store for the winter and share with the neighbors.
Yet any person who is gardening food will have pest issues.  Initially I wasn't going to post anything regarding the topic because I don't have one this year and it slipped my mind as a topic of importance; due to various fights against laws being put into place to stop home gardens and organic farming.   
H.R. 875 ( a food safety Bill - which is the cause of raids on organic food stores and farms by ARMED policeman).  But I wont get on my soapbox just yet. 
I want to Encourage you to grow your food and store rain water (actually store water period).  I've been saying it for YEARS - Please if you CAN - start storing WATER!
This forum will be a place to offer you information that will assist you in becoming self sufficient.  It is also a part of a book that I had been working on for years.  That will include plant rotations to get the most out of your land, how to grow which veggies in the ground where snow falls during the winter season and what 'Weeds' are actually medicine, how to locate natural parsley/garlic/onions etc..
So onto PEST control;  the following are some mixes and plant remedies to help you keep a safe garden without using pesticides EVEN ORGANIC. 
Organic pesticides use niconoid substances..this is part of the reason we have seen colony collapse in the honey bees (and other insect groups/species). If you want a fruitful and strong garden you are going to need the BEES!   
Niconoids are also deadly to birds who eat insects because Nicotine is one of the deadliest poisons known to man.  The organic pesticides are using a weaponized form of nicotine(an extract) - so it is also dangerous to you.
Rabbits, gophers, worms, deer, beetles, ants, flies etc.  First lets activate the common sense factor. 
If you GROW food you will attract insects - it's as much in their nature to seek out food as it is yours.  They want to Live as badly as you do.  Every insect is here for a reason so killing them is not proper solution.
The following is a short list of natural remedies to help to ease some of you pest troubles and worries.  Many of the items within the list will also tell which vegetable plants this will work with.  Please use it wisely and remember the information as it is presented is under copyright:
Companion Plants To Use Against Pests
Anise will repel aphids as well as be a  host to predatory wasps.   Wasps that eat other insects - it's a good thing.
* IF you are allergic to bee and wasp stings - BUY an EPIPEN and keep it on ya; if you are going to GARDEN.  Wearing two long sleeve shirts thin or thick can help protect you as well.
Allium  should be used with vegetables (except peas and beans), fruit trees, flowering onions, garlic, leek, onions, and flowering onions for aphids, carrot flies, moles, tree borers, and weevils.
The Basil Herb should be planted with tomatoes and asparagus plants for flies, aphids, mites and mosquitoes also is very helpful with tomato hornworms and asparagus beetles.
Bay Leaf herb how to, put a  fresh leaf in container of beans or grains to repel weevils and moths.   For use for ladybug invasion lay the Bay leaves around house.   Though these are good luck and bring prosperity..,,if you are gardening you have to be be wise.  Buying food at inflated prices is not a prosperous thing to do.
CAtnip can be used around eggplant to drive away flea beetles.  You cats, if you have them will have to be kept out of the garden because they may destroy it.
Grow your celery near cauliflower, tomatoes, leek, and cabbage in order to  repel white cabbage flies.
Chives will repel many fruit tree and tomato pests.
Plant Coriander near all vegetables to repel aphids and will draw bees.  GREAT to spice your foods and also good as a liver and blood cleansing while lowering you LDL levels – bad cholesterol.
Garlic - seems to fit in anywhere -repels aphids, beetles, weevils, borers, and spider mites.
Geranium plants repel cabbage worms and Japanese beetles, plant around grapes, roses, corn, and cabbage.
Henbit -most insects will stay away from this .
Horseradish planted around potatoes to encourage growth. May deter Colorado potato and blister beetles.
Hyssop will deter cabbage moths if planted around cabbage and grapes.
Lamium - repel potato bugs
Lavender  will  repel ants; always plant it by your garden gate.  Tree roots that are near the garden and you can surround your home with it.  The smell is very relaxing and the buds can be used as a natural fragrance.
Leek –( a larger type of onion with milder flavor) use near carrots, celery, onions will improve the growth and repel carrot flies.
Marigold -encourages growth if planted near tomatoes, potatoes, strawberries, beans, and roses. Repels many insects like Mexican bean beetles and harmful nematodes in the ground.  French marigolds (the variety commonly sold) are said to release a nematode repellent into the soil. Nematodes, worm-like creatures, destroy plant root-systems. There is research suggesting that certain species find the compound released by marigolds to be toxic. And in this respect, having marigolds can be helpful.
Mustard -known as a trap crop to attract many insect pests. Plant near cabbage, cauliflower, radish, brussel sprouts, collards, turnips, and kohlrabi. If insects are attracted then destroy plants before other crops are harmed.
Nasturtium -repels aphids, cucumber beetles,squash bugs, white flies, and borers near fruit trees. Mainly cucumber and squash will benefit.
Onion  will repel cabbage moths, aphids, weevils, carrot flies, moles.  Onion is known to controls rust flies and some nematodes.  Assist your tomatoes against red spiders.   Though they may alter growth of peas and beans so it's advised  to plant onions near beets,tomato,lettuce, strawberry, cabbage, broccoli, and cauliflower.
Oregano plant near broccoli to  repel the cabbage butterfly.
Parsley will repel carrot flies, rose, and asparagus beetles. Plant near asparagus, carrots, tomato, and roses.
Pennyroyal deters ants, aphids, ticks, fleas, and cabbage maggots. Brussel sprouts, broccoli, and cabbage will benefit from pennyroyal.  Also a great plant to dry and store to use for treatments of fainting, flatulence, gall ailments, gout, and hepatitis (presumably Hepatitis A), and as a lung cleanser, a gum strengthener and, when ground with vinegar, a tumor remedy.  This is not to be USED if you are pregnant and want to remain pregnant.  I will not get into the strength or dosage of abortive qualities of Pennyroyal – this is an advisement.
Peppermint -repels ants
Pyrethrum -repels most insects like aphids, leafhoppers, spider mites, ticks, and cabbage worms. Let me say that this product is highly misused and is now, considered by many gardening experts, not recommended for public use.
Radish -plant around cucumbers to deter cucumber beetles.
Rosemary will repel cabbage moths, beetles, mosquitoes, and slugs. Plant near beans, carrots, and cabbage.
Rue -Japanese beetles are deterred. Plants like roses and raspberries will benefit from rue.
Sage -repels cabbage moths, carrot flies, and ticks. Carrots will love them.
Soybeans -will add nitrogen to the soil so plant near corn. Repels chinch bugs and Japanese beetles.  If you are brave enough to grow Soybeans - I can provide recipes for making your own SoyMilk and how to Make your Own Tofu/Dofu (bean curd) a great source of protein.  Or you can look it up on line
Spearmint will deter ants and aphids.
Summer Savory will deter bean beetles.
Tansy -deters ants, striped cucumber beetles, flies, Japanese beetles, and squash bugs. Plant near cucumber, squash, roses, grapes raspberry, and blackberry.
The Thyme herb repels cabbage worms, flea beetles, and cabbage maggots. Useful near cabbage.
Plant Tomatoes near roses and will protect them from black spot.
Wormwood -will deter black flea beetles, cabbage worm butterflies.
Of course grow your beans on a fence or up a lattice - the blossoms smell AWESOME
Now Here is a list of plants that will enhance your garden, flavor your crops and attract bees
The Dill herb  can be planted around cabbage and will improve growth and flowers will attract bees.
Bee Balm  - attracts beneficial bugs and bees, plant with tomatoes to improve flavor and growth.
Beets leaves contain large amount magnesium which will help add to the soil, use with lettuce and onions.
Alfalfa  can be used to break-up hard clay soil and it also fixes soil with nitrogen.
Amaranth hosts beneficial ground beetles and accompanies sweet corn.
If borage is planted around tomatoes, strawberries, and fruit orchards, repels tomato worms. Will attract honeybees and adds calcium and potassium to the soil
Pennyroyal -deter ants, aphids, ticks, fleas, and cabbage maggots. Brussel sprouts, broccoli, and cabbage will benefit from pennyroyal.
Peanuts -will encourage growth of corn and squash.
Hyssop will improve the growth of cabbage and grapes
Peas if planted near corn will provide extra nitrogen.
if  Mint is planted near cabbage and tomatoes it will improve flavor and growth
Summer Savory  improves the growth of green beans.
Chives will increase flavor and growth of carrots.
Chamomile can be planted sparingly around cabbage and onions for better flavor.
The Chevril herb will improve growth and flavor of radishes
Homemade Animal Repellent

2 raw eggs
1 qt water
1 tsp cayenne pepper or Tabasco sauce
squirt dish soap

Mix in spray bottle. Cayenne pepper is actually really bad for mucus membranes of mammals, I have read of no long term effects but, it is not a humane treatment; an alternative of ground black pepper which is a little less invasive on the mucus membranes.
Hair Clippings from the local barber shop and human urine around the the perimeter of your fence or garden will deter rabbits, gophers and deer.  Tomcat Urine is also effective, Kitty litter sprinkled around the perimeter or fence is a deterrent as well. 
The clothes you use to turn the soil in and sweat and funk all up should NOT be WASHED though should be worn EVERYDAY of the weekend you prepare the land to grow.  Sweat them up really good and make sure they STINK.  Unless you have a teenage boy and then there is a really good chance you can gather socks from around his room (smile).   Anyway Clip these clothes into strips and bury them around the perimeter of the garden - the stench if strong enough will keep most rabbits and gophers out of your garden.
We can get into to composting and vermiculturing in a week or so.  hopefully you have a compost started by now and are ready to sow a plentiful harvest.
Happy Gardening

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KETURAH on Monday, July 18, 2011 9:14 AM
naturally magnetized seeds. I also wanted to share with you that if you can go to a natural vortex of energy or crop circle or sacred site. place your seeds inside the structure and leave them for up to two hours. The seeds are now ready to plant - what you have just done is something that has been studied by John Burke and you can read the findings in a book Seed of knowledge Stone of plenty. After performing this procedure you will yield a stronger more abundant crop, grow twice as fast, the crop will be frost resistant and is a higher quality food.
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KO Pest Control on Friday, March 29, 2013 8:42 AM
To use natural pest control for garden is healthier to the family and environment. This methods do not damage the garden soil texture, and even make our plant grow stronger. Thanks for sharing...

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